Recruitment Process

We want to make sure every new team member really fits with us and vice versa. Here is how we find out.

1 Application

If you see yourself contributing to Geoneon’s success story, send through your application at for one of our open positions or as an unsolicited application. Besides your technical experience, we are interested about what you are passionate about and why you see yourself joining our team.

2 First Interview

If your application gets us curious, we will be in touch with you to schedule a first interview. It usually takes about an hour and the aim is to get more insights about you as a person and as a professional. It is also an opportunity for us to understand how you see yourself contributing to Geoneon’s journey. We will tell you more about who we are, what we do, and answer your questions.

3 Assignment

If we see an opportunity to collaborate after the first interview, we will send you an assignment. The aim is to dig deeper in your skills and understand your way of working. We won’t use your work beyond the recruitment process. You will have the opportunity to present and discuss the findings of your assignment, potential challenges, and how you overcame them.

4 Second Interview

If we are convinced that you are a good fit to work at Geoneon, we will schedule a second interview.  We will discuss in more details your previous experiences to understand how you approach technical and social challenges, and how your skills are either aligned or complementary to the rest of the team.

5 Reference Check

At this stage, we will call two references to talk about your past achievements.

6 Offer

Finally, we will send you our offer letter explaining all the details of the deal.

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