We empower land-use planners and infrastructure managers to make informed data acquisition decisions.

Our advice relies on scalable geospatial data in combination with robust advanced analytics to optimise and increase the value of field investigations, asset monitoring and maintenance.

Desktop study

We think that geospatial data will be the great enabler of new technologies to identify data gaps and optimise field investigations.

Based on the context of your project, we build a model of the expected field conditions using scientifically calibrated data and robust numerical analytics.


Design of field campaign

We help you identify the best available methodology and together we find ways to optimise the program of your land or marine field campaign.

So, you can meet your project’s objectives and requirements and acquire the necessary data to reduce your level of uncertainty to the desired level.


Technical support for tender

We support you across the different stages of the tender process, including the definition of the scope of work, the evaluation of expressions of interest, and tender applications.

Our aim is to ensure that you hire the best available contractor to maximise your chances to achieve your project requirements.


Client site representation

Our experience working in highly rigorous industry and government environments will support you to manage your data acquisition campaigns.

We are your eyes, ears, and mouth on site, ensuring that technical objectives are achieved and that contractual obligations are met.